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2017 - Hyper

Hyper Alloys has been Acquired by Wirco


In February 2017, Hyper Alloys was acquired by Wirco. DPP acted as the exclusive investment banking advisor to Hyper Alloys.

Our Client


Hyper Alloys, Inc. ("Hyper Alloys" or the “Company”) was founded in 1958 and has been committed to providing high quality heat treat fixtures and fabrications to the thermal processing industry. The Company manufactures a full line of fabrications, including muffles, corrugated boxes, radiant tubes, retorts and other heat treat fixtures.

Transaction Partner


Wirco, Inc. ("Wirco") headquartered in Avilla, IN, is a leading manufacturer of a full line of alloy fabrications, including baskets, fixturing, furnace fans, rolls, muffles, corrugated boxes, radiant tubes and retorts for the commercial heat treating industry, as well as the captive heat treat, steel mill, petrochemical and cement segments. In addition, Wirco operates a foundry in Champaign, IL that supplies castings to a variety of markets.


Managing Director
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Managing Director
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