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2013 - Winona

Winona PVD has raised Preferred Equity


In April 2013, Winona PVD Coatings, LLC (“Winona PVD” or the “Company”) secured a Preferred Equity investment to restructure the Company’s balance sheet, expand its finishing capacity and support its rapid growth. The transaction contemplates a second round of funding in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Our Client


Winona PVD is a leader in the development and commercialization of bright finishing for automotive components using a specialty finishing process. Winona PVD markets its products and technology through automotive OEM and aftermarket channels. The Company’s process and technology provides several advantages over other forms of bright finish, including improved durability and reduced design and tooling costs, while utilizing an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. The Company is based in Midwest U.S. where it is expanding its manufacturing footprint and capabilities to meet growing customer demand.


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Automotive & Truck
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Automotive & Truck