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2012 - AGM

AGM Automotive has been recapitalized by Fifth Third Bank


In December 2012, AGM completed a refinancing with Fifth Third Bank’s Middle Market Group and its Mezzanine Finance Group (collectively, “Fifth Third Bank”). Concurrently, the Company repurchased the equity stake in AGM that was held by Grindstone Capital. In addition to financing the equity repurchase, the capital provided by Fifth Third Bank will support the Company’s future growth objectives.

Our Client


AGM Automotive, Inc. (“AGM” or the “Company”) is a leading global supplier of premium interior components and systems, including interior lighting, overhead console systems, innovative textiles, and other interior assemblies. The Company’s sophisticated product design and engineering capabilities, combined with its global presence, has positioned AGM to benefit from the trends influencing the global automotive market.

AGM is headquartered in Troy, MI and has manufacturing, assembly and warehousing operations in Michigan and Shanghai, China.

Transaction Partner


Grindstone Capital LLC (“Grindstone Capital”) is a Bloomfield Hills, MI-based private equity firm focused on providing capital to support growth oriented businesses. Grindstone Capital’s investments are generally in the form of minority and majority equity and subordinated debt. Grindstone Capital has been an investor in AGM since 2007.


Managing Director
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Managing Director
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