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2022 - Gulf Coast Business Bank 6.21.2022

Gulf Coast Business Bank has Completed its $23.6 Million Initial Common Stock Offering


On June 6, 2022, Gulf Coast Business Bank (“GCBB” or the “Bank”) completed its $23.6 million initial common stock offering which was over subscribed and exceeding the $20.5 million minimum amount of capital required to open the Bank. The offering was conducted as two simultaneous offerings, a bank exempt offering ran by the Bank and a private placement offering by Donnelly Penman & Partners (“DPP”).

GCBB is located at 12205 Metro Parkway, Fort Myers, FL. It is the first community bank to start in the Ft. Myers market in more than 12 years.

Bill Blevins, Founder, President and CEO noted, "Our focus is not on becoming big," he said. "Our focus is on helping our clients reach their dreams and goals and providing a good return to our shareholders.“


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