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2016 - Skyway

Skyway Precision Inc. has acquired the assets of Daleo Machining


In September 2016, Skyway acquired the assets of Daleo. The transaction expands Skyway’s customer base and geographic footprint, while leveraging Skyway’s product and manufacturing expertise. Skyway intends to expand the product and customer portfolio serviced from the Daleo location and grow the overall book of business.

Our Client


Skyway Precision Inc. ("Skyway" or the “Company”) based in Plymouth, MI, is a leader in the machining of complex, close tolerance, iron and aluminum drivetrain components for the transportation and general power markets, including light and heavy commercial truck, recreational vehicle, automotive, marine, construction, agricultural, and power generation equipment applications. Through ingenuity, flexibility and attention to detail, Skyway’s skilled team manufactures high quality, complex, close tolerance products, and is a preferred supplier to many global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Transaction Partner


Daleo Machining, Inc. ("Daleo") Founded in 1989, Daleo manufactures diesel engine flywheels and pulleys for equipment drivetrain components used in agricultural and construction markets. Daleo is located in Platteville, WI.


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Automotive & Truck